Can you Smell it?

Fall is defiantly in the air!

First day since we installed the A/C, it’s been shut off.

I’ve noticed trees are starting to turn.  I hope we will have time (and I strength) to venture to Mueller State Park.

SO…. whats been going on?

I found myself in the ER for six hours last night.  I’ve had this persistent pain in the meaty part of my calf.  Darn thing just wouldn’t go away.  So on the advice of friends and family I called the surgeon and she said better safe than sorry, go to the ER.  My only gritch… took four hours to get ultrasound down to do an ultrasound to make sure there were no blood clots.  At midnight, you can’t tell me there are that many people waiting for ultrasounds.

Ok random thought… why do we teach children in grade school to use contractions: can’t.  Then in college writing its a big no no?

Any ways, no blood clots.  They think it’s nerves coming back to life.  Why do nerves pick pain?  I mean there are 900 other sensations and it has to use pain? Hello, I’m glad you’re waking up, but why not tickling? They gave me an RX for a nerve blocker and lidocaine patches.  The patches work like a dream.  So today… the first day since my surgery that nothing hurts.  A little bit of aches, but that’s normal.

So Monday is the big day.  I’m trying not to think about it or have any sort of expectations.  In trying to not think about it, I’m not going to write about it.

Instead, I’ve come up with (look there dumb college writing professor I used another contraction) a new word: didiot.  I was watching the Dallas vs Giants game Wednesday.  I meant to call one of the Giants a dumb ass, but my brain farted and was thinking idiot.  My mouth spoke didiot.  Last years slur was Mother nature.  You can figure out what I was saying there.

That same night I had my dog prove to me I’m a sucker.  I have this neat collection of sweets.  They are hidden behind my computer monitor.  If I didn’t hide them, then they’d be gone….  Any ways I grabbed a couple of zingers.  These are the raspberry kind with coconut frosting.  I scarfed one down.  I was engrossed in a who done it tv show.  I looked over to Savy and the look on his face was priceless.  It was as if he was saying, “You bitch, you ate all that zinger without even giving me a shred of coconut.”  All I could do is just lay there laughing at him.  He was so disgusted he got up and went to the end of my bed.  Did his infamous three circles and plopped down in a tight little ball.  To be even more dramatic he let out this huge sigh.  He kept glancing at me over his shoulder to see if I was still watching him.  He knows I’m a sucker….

Yes…. I opened the second zinger and gave half to him.

What can I say?

He’s been a huge relief during this whole mess.  He’s an amazing dog.  Nothing special about him.  He’s a mix of a back ally whoops.  An idiot.  But of late has become my friend.  Its funny, when I’m really sick from the chemo he won’t leave my side.  He won’t eat or drink until he knows I’m back to eating and drinking.  What a true pal!  The other night I was having one of those emotional moments.  I was laying in bed and just not having much confidence.  He normally never lays next to me on the bed.  He’s usually in a ball at the bottom.  He came up and laid next to me.  When I started crying he got up and kept trying to lick my tears away.  It’s amazing how dogs are just in tune with our emotions.