Have you inspected poop lately?

Every person is like a book. Judging people is like judging a book by its cover.

When we read, we know the intricacies of that book and then like it, whatever the cover may be like.

That’s why being judgmental is a very narrow minded approach of limiting your intellect.

Once you turn over a new leaf and start to form your own opinion without overanalyzing situations and people, you’ll see the difference.”

    WOW!! What is up with the poop inspector’s lately? And honestly…who ever wanted that job to begin with? Why can’t people learn to accept that everyone’s poop stinks?

I’ve been on this soap box before…so here It goes again….


I don’t believe in an “eye for an eye.”

It simply would make us a blind world.

I also seem to recall that in history class, people came to the new world to:


Freedom from tyrant rulers.

Freedom of religion.

Freedom from economic hardship.


Ok we could list a million reasons, but in reality, the true reason was to do whatever the hell they wanted to do without persecution.

So when any AMERICAN becomes a poop inspector…it makes me cringe.

No one in this country has the right to judge another based on religious belief, sexual orientation, race, or gender.

Pure and simple.

I don’t care what your religious philosophy is…

What cracks me up and baffles me more…even inside the same circles people do not believe the same things.

When someone offends another person by their indifferences…the throw them out of the circle. Make examples of them.

Why? What purpose would that serve….except to make you feel better?

Can someone please explain it to me?

I’m not getting the full picture in my mind…or my mind is so simple I can’t wrap my mind around it?

I like to share what I believe with others…

I like to hear what others believe.

We can be different and that’s ok.

In the end it’s who we believe our maker is that will judge us for our actions.



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