My Turn!

I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.
-Ruth Stout

    Today was my turn to get kids off to school. Dan has hurt something in his chest area – we are thinking separated ribs. A couple days ago he was lifting weights. Then yesterday he was headed into the office when a piece of paper flew out of his hands. When he bent over to pick it up he got this excruciating pain in his chest. I feel really bad. He can’t get comfortable sitting or laying down. When he got home he laid down on the couch and didn’t move or get out of his uniform until he went to bed. I personally think he should go get it checked out….but he’s a guy. I know he felt awful about missing Bear’s concert last night.

    Speaking of the concert, last night the two local middle schools and Chamber’s from the high school did a pre-contest concert. They had judges there to score them and help them get ready for the competitions after spring break. I was really amazed at the Chamber’s band. That is the band Bear will be playing in starting next year. It is really hard for freshmen to make it into. Last year the group was invited to Texas. This year they are going to Branson, MO. I guess they compete against other school from across the nation. They also get to go to clinics. Besides that, Branson is a fun place to be a tourist. I thought that would be awesome if Amanda is going. I have a close friend that lives there!

    So what is on the agenda? Hmmmm……

    Mother nature sure has a sense of humor! She introduces Spring with beautiful 70 degree weather and then pulls a fast one on us. I guess it is supposed to be cold and snowy this weekend. Of course, the snow is not going to be but a few flakes here. I won’t complain. I have repeatedly said we sure could use the moisture. I’m just itching to get some things done outside. I know in all reality that isn’t going to happen until next month. The kids will be on Spring break next week and I get the joy of starting my last round of chemo. I don’t know if we will do much next week. I’m sure we will do our traditional Easter activities. I hope the weather will be nice enough to get up to the zoo and stretch our legs. We could use some nice fresh air. I guess I could be evil and hand two of my kids a shovel and tell them to clean out their rooms.

    Shoveling out rooms…. Sometimes I think we need a huge dumpster out front. We have been here too long. We are starting to accumulate things. I had to laugh. My sister gave Bee a large trash bag full of clothes from her daughter. Last night we FINALLY went through them. I had to laugh. Some of the clothes were clothes we had given Shauna that were Bears. The nice thing about Shauna is she hardly gets dirty and takes good care of her clothes so they look like they were hardly used. I still have a tub of clothes to go through. Bee really enjoyed the larger sized sporty pants that she could wear to bed. She is like her mama. She likes to wrap the pant bottoms around her feet.

    Well that didn’t answer the question did it….. Hmmm…. Ok today I think I will do some picking up cleaning around the house. Just maintenance cleaning. I should probably pick something for dinner. It’s supposed to be yuk this afternoon so teriyaki is out. We had fajitas last night so Mexican is out. Maybe I’ll make the family a nice spaghetti dinner. I think I’ll bake up some bread sticks or fresh bread. Add to it a nice salad… Sound good?



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