If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

-Anne Bradstreet

    Yesterday was a very pleasant day! I love my mornings. I have missed a few times of getting up when I need to, but not by much. Getting up at 7:00 is starting to become normal and I just wake up. Next week I will push that back a bit. I enjoy talking to my bestie. Sometimes we talk on the phone and others we skype. Skyping is much better. Doesn’t require you to hold the phone and my phone won’t cause us to hang up because the battery is dead. I was really wishing I could have a super power. I mean I know I’m super awesome (evil grin). I think If I could have a super power it would be: having the ability to transport ones self over long distances. I wished I could close my eyes, think of a place and when I opened them, I’d be there. I would certainly visit her often. She has been going through a really hard time and I just want to be there to give her a hug. I’ve taught myself that a hug can be the most uplifting thing in the world. I also just wished I could take her for a drive for a day. Stop at a coffee house along the way and enjoy coffee and getting the heck out of dodge. Wishful thinking…

    When I crawled out of bed, the first three or four steps were really painful. I had it in my head that I was going to start walking to Bee’s school to pick her up. It really isn’t that far. Less than a mile round trip and only a slight incline. How hard can that be? YIKES!! My Right bum muscle and that thing – tendon?- in your quad that attaches to your knee on the under outside… I could feel that when we were done walking. This morning my foot hurts and my quads are screaming. Both sides. Isn’t that crazy? Just when you think you can conquer the Incline, you realize how much you have to go. By the way, my goal is to be able to just walk the incline before summer is out. It sort of feels good. Instead of walking three days a week I decided we will start with two. Then work up to three. I really want to get back into plyometrics and yoga as fall starts.

    Track starts in two weeks. I know Bear is excited. She plans on doing triple jump, long jump, 50m and hurdles. 50m dash and hurdles will help her on her jumping. She is really close to breaking the long jump record for the area, and she has her eyes focused on that. I didn’t get to go to her meets last year. I got to go to the big one, but the others I was too yuk to go. I look forward to watching her this year.

    With the week starting to wind down into the weekend, I checked the weather. Today’s high should be 61. The next four days in the 20s. Lo0oks like we are expected to get a rain/snow mix over the weekend. If it manages to get warm I want to get outside and see what I can do in the back yard as far as raking goes. If not, then I will have to wait a week. I have a few other things I can do, like go through Amber’s clothes and of course work on the bathroom. I don’t know why I hate bathrooms so much. Either way that bathroom is going to get super cleaned.




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