You Should Smell Like Dirt!

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

    I love this quote! HAPPY SPRING everyone! This is my most favorite day of the year! First day of Spring! It’s a signal that the earth is waking up and a new season of growing is upon us. Not just growing flowers and all things that are good, but also a time for renewal in life. Today also happens to be Dan and I’s anniversary! Hard to believe. Where has time gone? It feels like just yesterday my belly was full of butterflies as we made preparations. There have been highs and lows, but I’m thankful we both continue to work hard on our relationship. After this last year, I don’t believe anything can really tear us apart. A year ago, cancer wasn’t even in the picture. I had my bone biopsy, but we really didn’t think it would yield anything major. My husband has done an amazing job of going far above and beyond what most men would do. I am a lucky girl.

Ok all the mushy good stuff aside, I’ve had a fairly good week. My two goals have been cleaning the bathroom (the kind of clean that leaves you smelling like your cleaner) and the laundry room. I got the laundry room done yesterday. I have to sit and laugh at all the empty bottles of soap that were in there. For the longest time I had a hard time going up and down stairs so laundry fell on Dan and the kids. It’s only been recent that I can carry a laundry basket down the stairs. Besides the soap containers there were piles of lint all over. It actually cracked me up. So I made a trash can out of a half broken laundry bucket. No more lint piles. I also removed the shelves so we would have more room in there to move around. The shelves were crammed with blankets. I decided to put them in an empty plastic container. Most of the blankets are keepers – baby blankets or special made blankets. I’m glad that is done. The shelving unit can go to the garage.

I have actually grown to like our house. If it were our own there is so much I’d change, but for now, we try to make do with what we have. The hardest part is there is no storage. We have a small hall closet and personal closet space. Oh wait! There is storage under the stairs. That is filled with boxes of books, Christmas stuff, and four tough boxes of army gear. The garage has some shelves, but not much. There is just no place to stuff, stuff. I guess it keeps us from collecting too much junk. I do need to get into Amber’s room and bag up her clothes that don’t fit. All three of my kids are growing again. They are collecting clothes for the middle school. I think tomorrow I will bag the clothes up and have the kids take them in Friday morning. Today they were collecting books. Wished I had known. I have a ton of books sitting in boxes under the stairs.

So the other night I had issues falling asleep. Keep drinking iced tea after 6:00pm and can’t seem to get to sleep… I decided that I’d start researching Medieval castles. The other day Amber asked if we could make one in minecraft. She wanted a REAL castle with jousting grounds. I told her sure. Then I thought about it and decided I knew very little about them and I should do some research. She it totally into that time era. She likes to take Sav outside with his leash and “ride” him while jousting. She has found things in the yard that would make excellent jousting lances. Just this morning she was telling us how people were punished. Really got into the details of it. I was sitting there sipping coffee thinking about being quartered. Ouch! I told Dan that this year we are going to take her to the big Renaissance festival. I think she would really enjoy it! Might even try to coheres her Aunt Shanna into making her a costume to wear. Of course, it would probably have to be a knight’s costume. Any ways, so I researched castles and looked at other minecrafter castles for ideas. Someone mentioned the best place to start is to use graph paper. So, that’s what I did yesterday during coffee time.

    It has everything she asked for and then some. Now the task will be putting it into the game. We had started on that yesterday when she got home from school, except the scale I used was larger than I thought. Each square on paper equals two minecraft squares… It got so big that when you looked at it from above, you couldn’t see the entire layout. This involves a lot of counting, and bless her little pea picking heart, Amber kept asking me questions. So when I thought I should have been done with the outer walls…I was way off. I got frustrated and thankfully the rest of the family came home. It was time to quit and go make some dinner. I am going to try today but keep at a 1:1 scale. I feel that today is designated no tasks, therefore I will only commit to dishes.

Dan is only working a half day. He is going to pick me up for lunch. Then we’re going to go buy stuff to make sushi. Of course, we are going to go buy the Hobbit. So it’s suhshi and a movie at home. The problem with going out to eat is we can’t seem to find a place we want to go. We are such awesome cooks that I’d rather spend the time together in the kitchen than going somewhere and being disappointed with the food. I know Bee is super happy we are getting the Hobbit. She loves the LOTR series and now the Hobbit will be added to it. It will be a nice evening either way!



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