Finding Simple Pleasures

So my theme lately has been finding simple pleasures in everything.

There was a country song I heard once. The gal sang, “…idle hands are the devil’s playground.”

I really believe that line. I know that when my hands are idle, I’m open to negative energy. In an effort to keep myself busy, I’ve been discovering new things to keep me busy. I’ve really been working on expanding my crocheting.

Monday, I learned how to do a celtic square.

It’s a free pattern from Rivalry. It’s a free PDF download. At first it was a bit difficult to figure out. The written instructions don’t exactly tell you what you are working on. I finally just followed the pictures and pattern. I used Caron brand yarn. A bit flimsy, so I think I might try it with a stiffer yarn. I also want to work on the other three squares. The colors caught the attention of a lady who was getting a transfusion. She asked if my kids went to Mesa Ridge. I laughed and said no…not yet. Next year. She was a really interesting lady to talk to.

I also have been working on another project. It’s called the Kumasi Throw. It’s a free pattern from Caron. I changed the colors a bit.

I’ve also decided to tackle a project of a different sort for my sister. Next year her and her husband will celebrate their 15th anniversary. I wanted to make something special for them. I have the idea just need to map it out. I can’t wait to get started on it.

Besides crocheting, I’ve gotten into cooking. Today my Bee and I made some yummy banana muffins.

We decided to use an orange glaze for the top. We used fresh squeezed orange juice and powdered sugar. I don’t have any piping bags, but we made out own out of a lunch sack. Everyone loved them. Liked how moist they were. I haven’t had any….I don’t like bananas. They smelled good, just don’t care for the taste of bananas. We put the left over oranges into a sauce pan with a couple cinnamon sticks and cloves. Put it on simmer and the house smells so good!

Bee and I also ventured into making our own tortillas for dinner. I put pork chops cut from the bone into the pressure cooker with a thin sliced yellow and orange pepper and an onion. I added cajan seasoning salt and pepper to the mix. We needed to do something different with pork chops and I decided to make a sort of fajita. We didn’t have any tortillas and with the weather turning yukie it was time to make our own. I’ve done it twice with my sister…can’t be that hard. Honestly they really were not hard. I do need to double the recipe next time. I had to make them a bit small, but they still worked great for tacos.

So cooking and crocheting have become my simple pleasure in life. I look forward to actually sharing some of the things I cook up or hook


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