SAND Musicians

Something I love most about my parents is that they take the time to connect to their grand children in unique ways. Each kiddos has a special “something” they get to do with gramma and papa. For two of my kiddos that “something” is music. We knew we had to leave on Sunday to get back home. Unfortunately, I had chemo the next day. Gramma managed to extend our time by making us enchiladas for lunch. When Dan and the other kiddos arrived, papa jumped on the chance to “jam” with Amanda and Andrew.

Bear and Her purple sax

Loving my dad’s pony tail lol!!

Just seeing the smile on my dad’s face, the kids laughing at little mess ups, and the sparkle in all their eyes was worth the entire trip.

(I’m trying to figure out how to upload videos on to my blog…..)

Now to get gramma on the drums and Shauna singing……


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