S.A.N.D Weekend

    Last weekend was just a blast!! The kids got an extra day off and we decided to leave Thursday night to go to Wyoming to spend the weekend with family. Amanda and I stayed at my Dad’s ranch and the rest of the family went to Dan’s parent’s house. We just needed to get away from life for a few days. We did just that!! Friday we got to spend the day with my mom. We started the day with a yummy hot breakfast. Man that woman can cook! We watched the skies and enjoyed a burst of winter.

While we waited out the snow, Amanda played her sax for gramma and I played a bit with silhouettes.

As quick as the snow came, it went. We decided that we were going to go play in the snow. Of course, we are never prepared for anything…had to barrow a bunch of winter clothes from gramma. Amanda and I tried to make a snowman, but the snow was just too dry. I can’t believe my bear is almost as tall as I am. Gramma put the camera down and came out to play. We grabbed the sled and tried sledding on a few of the hills. Then we decided to make snow angels. After a few hours of being outside gramma decided we needed lunch. She made us yummy nachos!

After lunch, Bear and Gramma made a pumpkin roll and peanut butter cookies. I fell asleep in the recliner. They call it the melting chair. Melt I did! It sits right in front of the wood burning stove. The little kitty they have (pictured above) crawled in my lap and demanded I pet him. I woke up to gramma starting the one ton truck. I asked Amanda where gramma was headed. My dad had gotten his work truck stuck at the head gate coming into the ranch. After about an hour they came back. The head gate is quite the walk. I wanted to help, but knew I’d just be standing there.

Bear fell asleep before 8:00pm. The rest of us watched Trouble with the Curve. EXCELLENT movie!! Friday night I couldn’t sleep much. The nerve pain in my feet was excruciating. Saturday didn’t fare any better. Every step I took was so painful. I was sad and disappointed because it was our S.A.N.D gathering.

Ok this was a trip to take a picture of!! Every time I’d write this in the snow, Barretta would come along and walk through it!

S.A.N.D stands for the first letter of each of our last names. Smith, Arnold, Niles, Davis. My sister and her awesome family came out to get a truck load of fire wood. They refused to let me do anything accept take pictures. I used my sister’s camera to start with…and thanks to my dad feeling sorry for me, he gave me a ride back to the house to get my camera. My sister has all the good pictures of the family working hard…

This is Barretta. I hope I spelled it right. She was someone’s glorified lawn ornament. Her previous owners decided it was more important to have her “barker” removed than to have current shots or to be spayed. Lisa and Jer rescued her. Jer is working with her to be a search and rescue dog. She is a fruit cake.

After we cut two trees down (they needed to come down to make the road wider) and the truck was full of firewood it was lunch time! My sister made a yummy pork stew and mom made homemade chicken noodle soup. There was fresh bread, canned pickles, and homemade chocolate pudding. When our bellies were full it was time to go have fun!

Don’t mess with the sista holding a hand gun! She rocks shooting one!

Ok this is sad…. Because of the neuropathy in my hands I had a hard time pulling the trigger on the hand guns… I was stuck with the .22 lol. It’s a nice one. Henery lever action…fun!

This is our adopted sister Ash. We were all soooo proud of her. She’s never shot a hand gun before and she worked the courage up to do it. I know the first time I shot one I was scared and intimidated, but she hit the target 3 out of 5 her first try….look out!

(see the shell…bet I couldn’t do that again)


What an awesome day!! Good FOOD, Good FUN, Good Family times!

I was so sad when the day ended! I miss being with my family. I can’t wait for the summer months to come. Lots of SAND times ahead!


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