Here we go 2013…….

Can you all believe I broke my foot?!?!? I’m still shaking my head.  I was headed out to the garage.  There are two steps down into the garage and I don’t honestly know what the heck happen.  I remember feeling like everything went slow motion and I remember thing oh crap this is going to hurt.

Hurt was an understatement.  I tried to get up and it was like nothing was working.  I put weight on my foot and screamed my husband’s name rather than screaming what I really wanted to scream.  I didn’t go to the ER that night.  I figured I just tweaked something   Trying to get out of bed the next day convinced me something was wrong.  What makes things worse is I’ve messed up my quad and all that hard physical therapy work in my right leg.  Broken left foot…screwed up right leg.  I’m not supposed to put weight on my foot but I can’t put all my weight on my left…even with crutches.  I should call Dr Kelley, but I know she is out of town until my appointment on the 15th.  I do have to schedule a visit with a local ortho.  While getting chemo tomorrow I’m going to call who the ER doc recommended.  I want to see if they will at least give me a space boot.


Chemo tomorrow…..  ugh!  Only three more treatments!!!  That’s 16 weeks!  In 16 weeks I will be all done with chemo!!  4 months!!  I can’t believe it.  It feels like an eternity.  I don’t know if it’s going to continue, but my head is getting fuzzy…like my hair is growing back.  I’ve never noticed it at the end of my two week break…wondering if my hair is growing back,…or if I had just enough of a break that the fuzz will fall out.  I sure do miss having hair!


SO this is the start of 2013.  I hope that December 31st, 2013 I can report a better end and better start to a year than this one.


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