Broken Lights ~ Extra Time ~ FALALALALa lala lala la

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving Day?


Ours was awesome!  We spent the day with Dan’s family.  The food was ok.  I won’t lie.  When you’ve eaten my mom’s food, nothing can really compare!  She is a heck of a good cook.  That and something in Dan’s mom’s cooking made both Dan and Andrew…lets just say their bellies were not right afterwards.  It was great to have the whole family home.  My most favorite member, Little Payton, was a kick in the pants!  She reminds me so much of Amanda at two.  I think she enjoyed having my kids around to play with.  The most comical part of the day was trying to watch my football game.  Woot the Texans are 10-1!!  I only got to actually watch about 10 minutes of the game.  The rest of it was sitting back and laughing to myself.  The house was a mad house.  Babies every where and so much noise.  It really was comical. The only part I didn’t like was having to have family pictures.  I guess I’m a bit conscious about being bald.  I was wearing a hanky, but didn’t want my picture taken.

The next day we spent the day at my Dad’s ranch and had another dinner with them.  It was a nice break from the chaos of the day before.  Peace and quiet.  Quiet so loud it was deafening.  Before we could get out to the ranch we had to help my dad load the ’69 onto a car trailer.  I learned I still have moves.  I got to Dukes of Hazard it into the car…lol.  Ok.  It wasn’t as graceful and pretty, but it was funny.  Loading it went great.  Unloading it….  I’ll save my reputation and say opps.  I maintain i was going to hit that tree stump.  We got it worked out and parked in a good place…  lol My favorite part of Thanksgiving with my family is picking names.  The adults all throw their names into a hat and we each pick one.  I have one gift I’m working on and the other person…. hmmmm….  Going to take some thought.

We had a great visit.  We really needed to get away from this place and get a fresh breath of air.

So on the way home we discovered my brake lights are completely out!!!  Just what we needed this time of year! Checked fuses and bulbs.  All are working properly or not burned out.  So I started doing some online research.  Seems this issue is common and was on a recall.  Now I just need to get it into the shop and not pay through the nose to have it hooked up to a computer to tell them what we already know.  I was hoping to do it today, but chemo got messed up yesterday.

I went in yesterday to have my MX chemo treatment and they are out of bio carb.  You’ll remember that the bio carb is used to make sure my kidneys and bladder do not start bleeding from the toxicity of this chemo.  Well they are out of it and are not sure when their shipment will arrive.  So they decided to check the PH in my pee.  They were thinking I could “survive” long enough to do a treatment and get home and immediately start taking the bio carb by pill form at a higher dose.  I guess my PH was not at the right place so we nixed the whole deal.  In stead they had me start taking the bio carb at home and we will try again today.  It was sort of nice to get to take the bio carb at 11:00 in the afternoon.  I have to take it 12 times after treatment and every six hours.  SO I will take it at 11:00 and 5:00 (am, pm).  Means I won’t be taking it at 3:00 in the morning.

Now that the week is on a back pedal, I am hoping the warmer weather holds out for one more weekend.  We have a bucket, literally, of Christmas lights to put up.  Dan’s mom and dad gave us a huge tub of lights.  I bought a bunch more at Manards. AND we had some from our stash.  I couldn’t believe how many of our lights actually worked!!  I think we have a game plan for decorating.  I can’t wait.  We also talked about getting a real tree!  They have some nice ones at Walmart.  I’d love to go cut our own, but this will work for this year.  We did do our stockings on Sunday.  Normally we do them on Thanksgiving.  This year we decided to wait until we got home.

I’ve got some neat pictures I had planned to post today, but will have to wait until tomorrow.



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