Tick Tock….Tick Tock

I hate it when you have things to do, but you are stuck waiting on other things to finish so you can get everything else done.

The kids and I will be leaving tomorrow to go home for Thanksgiving.  Not to worry.  Dan will be going also.  He just can’t leave until Wednesday next week.  The kids are out of school all of next week…so we’re going to go early.  I miss my family and want to spend some time with them.  After Thanksgiving it will be a while before we are all together.  Once that white stuff really starts coming down…we won’t be traveling.  So far the weather looks like it should be fairly nice the entire visit.

Before I get into tooo much rambling, I wanted to share a picture:

You know I’ve been worried about how exactly we are going to pull off gift giving this year and this made me stop in my tracks.  You know, sometimes we get so caught up in our own little bubbles we forget other bubbles around us!  I’m going to participate in this!  I’ll give up a few cups of starbucks and heathbars to pick up a box of ornaments for those who have none.

So back to the day.  I’m trying to be patient with my laundry.  As it comes out I’m picking mine and Bee’s clothes to pack.  I know Bear’s basket is full and I’m afraid to look in Bub’s room.  I’ll get those done.  At some point this afternoon I want to get outside and clean the blazer out.

While going through…OK I’m stalking my email.  I blasted a bunch of lawyers in Denver about my experience as PSLMC.  I’m tired of calling and being told to send what i have to them.  I got a lawyer I’ve been exchanging emails with.  I’m waiting to see if he will take the case.  So every time my phone dings with a new email I jump out of my skin.  Any ways, While going through my email I found a suggested link to a blog.  Linda Renee Studio.  She’s a scrapkit (digital) designer and has tons of awesome freebies!!  She’s also a funny blogger.  I’ve been on her site all morning downloading her awesome creations!  I’m going to have fun putting scrap pages together.

Lets see here.  I’m finally updating my iphone.  I’ve just neglected to do it.  I finally did it when i plugged it into the computer to update the music on my phone.  Since we are going on a road trip i need to make a few new play lists.  I know Bear will have her ipod and I’m sure she will take over the music once we get going.

Hmmm….  I’m just excited to get away for a bit.  I’m excited to help mom and dad move into their new house.  I know I won’t be much help, but I can cheer everyone on…besides that is why I’m bringing three extra sets of hands.  I know I have to stop by my old job and say hi to my boss.  I might even squeeze in a polar bear coffee if I remember.  I think going to Dan’s mom and dad’s house is going to be crazy.  I know It’ll be great to see the twins and Payton.  There will be a total of 18 people.  Thankfully mom and dad have a bigger house now.  I told Dan to bring a football or something.  That many people in a house makes me get a little claustrophobic.  We can always go to the school if the weather is warm and let the kiddos play.  It’ll be weird to not fix turkey dinner for a second year in a row.  I wonder if this year we will put lights up for Dan’s mom again?

Any who…..  time to get going.  The drier just buzzed!


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