Name Change….

So over the last 24 hours I made some thought changes in my life….

I decided to change my blog name.  I’m no longer fighting cancer… I’m in remission.

I decided that I’m going to exercise my rights as an American to express how I feel.

Quite frankly, there’s a line to a Matchbox 20 song that goes: This old world well Don’t it make you wanna think damn.


This country I live in…  Damn.


I’ve been up for more than 24 hours wondering if all the heart aches in my life had lead me to this very point… this point of understanding that the American Dream no longer exists.  I had a dream of being a small business owner.  Owning and operating my own photography studio.  Now, what’s the point.  The current administration is going to do away with small business.


I’ve decided unless the door is opened I”m going to focus on my family becoming sustainable.  Meaning the less we need from the government, the better.  We are not in that group who thinks we need all these handouts and freebies.  That’s not how I was raised and it’s a shame that there are so many out there who feel that they can sit at home and collect off the government from the hardworking middle class.  Well screw you people.  You are going to be nothing but slaves to the government.  You have opted to destroy the very premise of what being an American is.  It’s freedom from tyranny and rule.


I just can’t wait to see what happen over the next four years.  I hope this country falls into a civil war and we fall as a mighty nation.  We become the very bottom feeders as our enemy is.  I know we will be ready.  Unlike these free loaders I know how to live a life that doesn’t require a shopping mall or government aid.  I can’t wait to see what happens when these people can not fend for themselves and the government tells them to go get bent.


It truly is a sad thought, but at the same time liberating!




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