Sure! Why Not?

Well…. here we are… end of week 2 for the second go round.

Monday I was informed we’re going to start another type, actually two types, of chemo this coming monday.  So we will eb back to three weeks of chemo with a two week break.

When the doc told me about it I was thinking, sure…why not?  because on my bucket list I always wanted to sample every type of chemo out there…


You know what is comical?  Side effects.  Every type of chemically produced….”thing”…. I’m on has a side effect of some sort.  Docs are quick to tell you the grand list.  Sometimes I’m thinking to myself whats the point if the side effects can kill you quicker?  But…. it’s comical.  Each person reacts to them differently.  So far, the MX chemo gives me one down day that is just fatigue followed by a headache.  HOWEVER… I’ve spotted a common denominator of one other side effect.  Milk.  After yesterday I will no longer be drinking milk during treatment.  Who knew?  That wasn’t on the list.  It’s not dairy products… just milk.


Life has just been steadily going along.  Seems like the days are flying by at a faster rate.  Next thing you know…  tomorrow will be Thanksgiving.  I’m kind of excited that we will be visiting family for Thanksgiving.  As much as I enjoy cooking, It’ll be nice to have someone else do it this year.  Andrew’s birthday is only 23 days.  I was told this tid bit of information this morning.  It’s actually on Sunday this year – unlike the usual before or day after Thanksgiving.  I will admit I’m kind of excited to do some holiday decorating.


We all decided this weekend we are going to super clean everything.  Get it done before the cold weather actually hits – if it hits at all.  I’m making my children go through all their toys and clothes and bag up what they do not play with or wear.  Going to pick up and move the furniture to get the dust bunnies out.  We also need to move some things in the garage around so we can park the vehicles in it.  Not a “fun” weekend, but stuff we need to get done.



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