I can See clearly….

Well….  My appointment with they eye doctor went super awesome.  I still have awesome vision and no cataracts! I could have a slight prescription but it is not worth getting glasses for.  I do not know how I am blessed with good eye sight.  Everyone else in my family has to wear glasses.  On the down side of this… just means my funky vision is part of the neurological side effects.


SO I posed a question to facebook: quantity or quality.

I was curious of what people thought.  Ok.  It sort of back fired on me.  I think most people assumed I was giving up and going to go die in a hole some where.  That is not the case. Dan and I have decided we are not going to continue my current treatment plan.  The side effects are not worth ensuring I do not have any micro-cells left in my body.  There has to be some sort of alternate treatment.  Iam thrilled that the oncologist here in the Springs is thinking the same thing.  Now all we have to do is wait till monday and see what him and Dr. H have come up with.

Well, most of my morning chores are done.  I think I might try to pursue my photography challenge of the week.  Just feels good to report something good for once.


2 thoughts on “I can See clearly….

  1. rugeranne says:

    Ok,, I have to be honest…I was one of those that thought this was it. As far as quantity over quality, I don’t know. I know with our experience with Mom’s situation, we packed as much into her good days as we good and when things were bad, we understood. We made the best of it.

    Whenever someone asks me “how are you handling this?” I simply say “We take it one day at a time.” How else are we to handle it. I HATE that question. Yes, I cry and wonder why but then I turn to God and let Him have this because He is in control. I think you are doing the right thing. Love you!

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