A week of Freedom….or Not.

Well I’m at the end of my first week of being chemo free and I feel a bit normal.  Still have numbness in my hands and feet.  Yesterday I had to go to Denver to see Dr. Kelly.  She thought I should have had better bend in my knee than I had but she was happy with my progress.  I got new xrays taken.  Crazy to see all that metal in my leg.  You just stare at it in awe…it’s crazy!!  No stress fractures anywhere.  So good news!  While we were there I went across the street to get a complete copy of my medical records from PSL.  Time to get stuff together for the lawyer.  I realized how bad the neuropathy in my hands is getting when I tried to fill the paper work out.  I could hardly hold the pen and write.

Monday morning at 2:00 in the Tuesday I learned just how bad chemo induced neuropathy can escalate.  Around 10:00 pm I called my best friend and asked her about back spasms.  My lower back felt like it was spasming.  She gave me some things to try.  At midnight I gave up and took a Valium.  About 45 minutes later I took another one.  My surgeon game them to me for muscle spasms.  My thought it surely this would work.  Another hour went by and it just kept getting worse so I figured screw it, I’ll try two flexerils.  Nothing.  At this point I was literally in tears.  I could not sit. I could not lay down.  When a “spasm” would hit I couldn’t help but almost scream out in pain.  So Dan took me to the ER.  That was the longest ride in both our lives.  The pain of sitting there was beyond words.

When I got to the ER (at the time it was not amusing) I set the security alarm off.  I did not have anything in my pockets.  It was the metal in my leg. I was quickly put in the back.  I could not sit down so they had to give me an IV and do all my vitals with me standing up.  Thankfully my old ER doctor Ellias was there.  He was not my assigned but he signed the orders to give me morphine.  Did nothing for the pain.  So they tried one more dose.  Still nothing.  Finally they gave me dilaudid.  FINALLY some relief.  They ran blood tests and a pee test.  By this time it was 6:00 in the morning.  Dan had to get home and get kids to school.  I finally saw a doc.  Blood work was great.  Kidneys were good.  Pee test came back negative. So he ordered an MRI of my pelvis and spine.  He was thinking maybe the cancer had spread.  I was so doped up I didn’t realize was he was thinking.  I also had a chest CT done.  Because I have a reaction to contrast I was shot up with steroids and benadryl. Yes, I was not feeling pain.  Although, I did have to get more pain killer before the CT.  Took a long time before I saw the doctor.  Everything came back negative.

So what they heck was wrong with me? Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy.  Wonderful, eh? I have done some online research.  Pretty much it is speculation as to what causes it and cures range from acupuncture to no cures at all.  FOr now, I’m taking dilaudid at night so I can sleep. and when I start getting the pain during the day I take half a dose of percocet.  With all of it I have to take zophram so I do not throw it up.  The pain is primarily in my back but also my hips and my arms and hands.  I see the oncologist monday morning.  There is a lot to talk about with him. I am also having extreme sensitivity to cold.


The rest of my week was spectacular!!  Been able to do somethings I love…. COOOOOKING! I still battled the fatigue through friday, but today has been a fairly normal feeling day (knock on wood.)



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