Making the Best of Fall

So The last day in a half I’ve felt fall creep into my bones.  Perhaps is the fresh snow that’s covered the peak, or the gloomy mornings.  Either way fall is finally here!  This is my most favorite time of the year.  I’ve never figured out why.  I think it’s the colors and the smells.

I enjoy being out during this time of year taking pictures of all the changes.  Watching the greens turn to oranges and golds.  My most favorite memories are of the house at the plant.  There were huge cottonwoods in our yard.  When the leaves would fall the ground would be covered with piles of gold.  I liked finding the leaves that were half colored.  I can remember waiting for weeks for the leaves to fall.  It would be that afternoon after the first frost.  The frost was enough to sever the connection and the breeze would blow the leaves to the ground.

I wanted to try and do 90 days of fall this year.  I wanted to be able to photography everyday… but I’m already a week off.  I think I might try and figure out how to mix photography with a list I got called 100 Fun Things to Do in Fall.  I can mark of #8:  Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or make your own low-fat version with this great recipe!  I don’t much care for the latte.  I”m not big into the flavor of pumpkins.  I do like the smell.

Today as I look out my hospital room I see the trees are just starting turn.  Still plenty of time to complete my list before winter hits.



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