Groundhog Day

Did you all ever see that movie?  Where the guy relives groundhog day for days on end.  I can not seem to recall what the out come was.  Eventually he did something right and it ended.


I feel like I’m stuck in one of those moments.  I’m really pleased that this new IX chemo is not making me sick….but it’s the same thing each day.  I don’t get to go far.  In the mornings I get unhooked and can wander downstairs (11 floors down) to a coffee hut.  They “proudly serve Starbucks.”  But I believe a troll could make bteer coffee than that.  Not being mean, but yesterday I’m not sure there was any coffee in mine.  After getting coffee I quietly sneak out the front doors and off the property   I was thinking about going to down to safeway today to get some donuts.  Long Johns.  Yum!


The food here is beyond yukie!!   No taste.  Thankfully this is my last day here.  They start the pre-meds at 2:00 and then chemo at 3:00.  By 7:00 I’m usually free to wonder about again.  That’s when Dan and the kids usually come up.  It’s a nice break to the day.

This morning I’m really irritated.  I want to go get my coffee, but I’m waiting on the damn nurse to get to my room.  I guess she wants to talk to me.  Everyday the nurse wants to talk.  Why? Because she/he is always someone new.  One look at me and you’ll see that I”m perfectly normal.

Oh yeah another side effect – high blood pressure.  My blood pressure has been creeping up since the night before.  The steroids are starting to get to me.  It looks like I got punched in both eyes.  They gave me a huge dose of benedryl yesterday morning.  I hated that.  Made me feel like I was getting high as a kite.  My eyes aren’t as swollen this morning.  Hopefully they will figure out what its doing.

Ok there’s a guy across the hall that could be heard ten floors down.  He talks loud and he’s one of those guys who likes to hear himself talk.  Even his guests and visitors are really loud.  Even with my door shut you can still hear him yammering.  He is going off on his food order being messed up.  LOL it is comical.

I can’t believe I still have 5 more rounds of this.

I just really need my C-O-f-F-e-E


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