Well today is day two of week 2 of treatment 2.

So far everything is going well.

I know I did way too much today.  Maybe it’s from left over steroids in my system.  I think for the most part its the fall weather creeping into my veins.  I really enjoyed spending most of the day in the kitchen cooking.  Only problem is my leg is killing me.  I can’t at the moment put any weight on it.  I can’t believe tomorrow marks six weeks since surgery.

So the MX chemo isn’t nearly as bad as the adria and cisplaton combo.  Last week I was really fatigued and got a small sore in my lip.  This week… so far nothing major (knock on wood).  Well I am having issues with my liver.  I guess my bilirubin is off.  At the moment it is a two.  If it gets any higher – no chemo till it calms down.

Tomorrow I go to physical therapy.  Not sure I really want to even go.  I feel like I am regressing more than actually moving forward.

Today Bear had a softball game.  They won!  Nice to see her play.  Bubba had a football game.  Super excited to watch him, but had to leave to go watch Bear’s game.  He plays again tomorrow.

Two more days of blood draws.  Hopefully everything will go smooth the rest of the week.  Have a game in Denver to attend this weekend.  It’ll be a nice break before I have to spend 5 days in the hospital.

Well I’m super tired.  Waiting around for my biocarb and LV alarms to go off.  Then I can go to bed.



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