End of Week One

Well this first week of treatment really was not all that bad.  The worst symptom, next to mouth sores, is the fatigue!  Holy crap batman! If I could lay in bed 24/7 I’d be a happy person.  I feel like a lump of clay.  I did a no-no on Friday.  I was just so tired I skipped physical therapy.  I know, the best way to battle fatigue is to get up and move, but part of it was doing way too much on Wednesday.  If I put weight on my leg, my tibia would start screaming.


I can say that I do not like worpress’s ap for my ipad.  It is very limited.  I am hoping that this next week goes well.  Next Sunday we’re going to the Broncos vs Houston game in Denver.  I wonder if over time I’ll start to wear down.  Throughout the entire week my blood counts were excellent.  I wonder if that will change.  I also got on a waiting list for an organization called Life Spark.  Organization offering Reiki and energy work.  I holistic approach to the stress, anxiety, physical side effects, and emotional side effects.  I’ve been wavering back and fourth all week.  My spirits are high because the physical side effects are significantly less than the last treatments I was getting…. but been trying to find the courage to keep going.

Ok courage might be the wrong word.  How about the umph? It is hard to roll out of bed and try to have a normal day when you just flat out don’t have the energy.  My leg is only working at minimum capacity.  For example, yesterday we went to Sams club and walmart.  I was physically shot.  Of course, there were no auto carts available.  It would make me feel better if I could accomplish something each day.  Last night I was able to step in and make dinner for the family.  Bear came and helped me.  We made a nice salmon dinner for everyone.  That felt good.  I think I need to pick one small thing i can do each day to feel like I’m helping my family.  I know that being able to drive again has really helped Dan out.

So tomorrow we start the process all over again.

It will be easier because we know what to expect.

Oh… 😦 yesterday my head started itching.  I don’t have dry scalp…  My hair is starting to all fall out again…lol.  I haven’t shaved my legs or pits only because I don’t want to get razor bumps that could get infected.  Last thing i need is to have an infection.  LOL.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so hairy in my life, but I knew it was all going to fall out.  A bit sad about my hair.  I’m going to have to start a collection of winter hats.  Hankies are great in the summer time, but the Farmer’s Almanac says this winter is supposed to be cold and snowy.  Last weekend when i took Bear shopping I could scoodies.  Scarf + hat. They were animals…lol.  I wasn’t going to pay 48.00 for one, but I still want one!  They had a polar bear one!

Well, football is about to start.  Here’s to hoping I do better on picks this week!



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