Day 1 of Treatment type 2

Well, I started to log yesterday on the WordPress application for my iPad. I was keeping track of he hours going by. On our way home it disappeared.

The comic relief was my best friend calling! We shared some good laughs. I won’t go into detail about what she had me laughing about, but in the middle of it the started hooking me up to the MX chemo. It’s the Color of dirty pee…lol. Oh it comes out as fluorescent yellow.

I’m on a strict regimen of bicarbonate and one other type of medicine. Have to take both once every six hours for the next four days. This means I had to set 8 alarms in my phone. The worst part is the 3:10 and 4:30 a.m. alarms. Hence, I’m up typing this at 3:23 a.m. It also doesn’t help that they give me a good dose of advan while I’m there. Knocked. E out for almost four hours.

I feel a bit yukie. More physically tired than anything. I have to be at the RMCC by 8:30 fir my blood draw and pee dip. The MX chemo is extremely acidic. It’s why I take the bicarbonate. Can do some nasty harm on your kidneys and bladder. The other medication reverses the toxicity effect. After today I’ll have two more blood draws. Just hoping and praying this stuff doesn’t make me nauseous sick. I’m out of my regular zofram. Tricare denied my prescription because of the amount of times it’s been filled. Had to have my doctor fill out a Ron and fax it back. I’ve been taking my dissolvable ones for now.

Oi. Well I think I’ll try and sleep.


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