Mixed Emotions

I’m tired!  I can’t believe how much I’ve been sleeping, and I’m still tired.  I think it’s emotional more than physical.  Although I did go to PT yesterday and Amanda’s softball game.  I was excited to see how well she played.  A little peeved that she was stuck out in right center… especially when short stop could only make 2 out of 12 plays… yes I counted.  Amanda wasn’t happy either, but, that’s life.

I’m a nit anxious this morning, nervous is more like it.  I meet the new oncologist and hear what this new plan involves.  I’m sure I’ll be starting it next week.  Which sort of bums me out that I might miss Andrew’s first football game. We will have to wait and see.

Been thinking about many things, but don’t have time to post them.  Just needed to get the nerves out some where.


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