Two Weeks….almost three

Its been two weeks…almost three weeks since i had my big surgery to remove the cancer.  I’m on crutches.  Monday I see a physical therapist.  I don’t look forward to it.  I had some what good use of my leg.  I can hobble around.  I’m still getting used to just putting weight on it.  I have some pictures post surgery.  Not the best as my Iphone back was shattered lol… dont ask.


The drain was removed before I left.

Look at the burn…. still looks awful.

Yes…I still have some humor left in me…angry bird socks…lol

So…tw weeks after… Dr Kelly was impressed on how well I didn’t try to do anything dumb.  She had the staples taken out and cleared me to start physical therapy.  That was the good news this last week.

The bad news came an hour later.  Ok I was told the pathology wasn’t good, but i figured a few more chemo treatments.  Not a big deal..right?  I’ve become a master at controlling the side effects.  PLUS! I forgot to mention i got this new stuff for the mouth sores and throat sores.  It works great!

I wasn’t prepared to hear what Dr Henshaw really had to say.  In fact, I’m still having a hard time dealing with it.  Normally with IA treatment your chances are 80% cure rate.  Pretty outstanding.  Unfortunately, my chances dropped to 60% when we changed treatment plans….ok not bad.  Some where in there I fell to bad side of the statistics.  The cancer is gone, but the chances of it coming back…. :::SIGH::: pretty good.  They lijke to see the cancer reduced – dead – by 90%.  Mine had only reached 30%.

Now what?

Now i get to start a whole new treatment plan:

This plan is for what they call nonresponders.

Six cycles of high dose ifosfamide and high dose methotrexate.

This is a three week process.  Week1&2:  HD MTX.  Ill get this at the cancer center.  Takes four hours to get.  Side Effects: less nausea and sores…but your body can be thrown into toxicity…lmao.  Are you kidding me?  You wouldn’t believe the blood drawn requirements and medication.

Week 3: 5 days hospital stay.


Ok what are the odds…. 50/50.

Why? because of the burn.

Why? because i don’t know why.  no one seems to know “why.”

To top it off…. I feel like because this failed I’m being pawned off to another oncologist.  Like Dr Henshaws special plan didn’t work for me…so you go somewhere else.

Mad, sad, angry….cry a LOT.  Just want to scream….  better yet, hire a lawyer. 🙂


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