First Cycle….Someone just Kill Me!

My mom went through Chemo.  I remember being there for her first round of the red koolaid chemo.  Makes you really sick for a few days….

A few days is an understatement.  It was pure and utter hell.  I thought I knew what was coming….  I didn’t.

I ended up in the emergency room twice.  I couldn’t get the throwing up under control.  I was afraid I was dehydrated.  Any ounce of anything hit my gut and I was heaving.  The ER was awesome.  When we walked in, we had to go through a metal detector, weird.  There were milli9ons of sick people all over the place.  I was freaking out.  Dan grabbed me a mask and we checked in….best part…. I got to go immediately to the back.  They put me in a room with this special type of ventilation.  They got my puking under control and we went home.  Can you imagine what happen the next night….yep we were back in the ER.  What was happening is I had started to develop mouth and throat sores.  Those sores moved to my gut and sent my stomach into making bile into over drive.     So I got the most awesome stuff ever (typed with sarcasm) mylanta with lydocaine in it! Yum!  Most awful foul stuff ever!!

By the end of the first treatment, I lost close to 10 lbs and started thinking this was not cool anymore.  Needed to find that pause reset button to life.  I still, however, had this nagging pain starting to develop in that area where that red mark was.  It was also changing.


21 days go by and it looks like this:


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