Finally a Fun Post….

So I started this blog because: 1. I don’t get to get out much….2. need a place to air my feelings and thoughts. Npow that I’ve caught you up on my health issues….


I came up with the idea waking up early one morning.  I looked around my room and realized that for the next 9 months…. this is going to be my prison.  I began feeling sorry for myself.  I can’t do the one thing that I love most….take pictures.  I’ve decided after…boo hooing that I can, and perhaps use some humor with it.  So…..  Here’s the window to my world:


This is the fantastic view looking on from my bed.  As you can see it is wonderfully decorated with broncos and avalanche attire, with a splash of really dark colors.  It seems we have a common idea not to wear brights.  If you look to the top of the picture you will see boxes…  I’ve laid in bed hours wondering what exactly is in those boxes.

This is a bonus feature!!  Apparently menopause is common during chemo.  I love that I don’t have to deal with girl issues…but the hot flashes… whole other story.  This little feature  aides in cooling myself down.  Personally I’m thinking about having a freezer installed.

To my left is a portion of an added desk feature.  As you can see I’m equipped with all sorts of electronics and reading materials.

Boredom is a bad feature of my new little prison.  So I’ve taken up the hobby of cross stitching, again.  Keeps the hands busy.

Don’t ask about the cracks in IPad…. these are the silly games I’m addicted to.  Two are a build up a kingdom and kill other people kind of game…. Ones a save these pets and adopt them out.  Third takes me to the outdoors and allows me to farm.  I have chickens, cows, and sheep.  I also produce baked goods, grilled items, knitted items..and such.  I sell to others in hopes I’ll someday have 20,000 to build a dock and start a fishing industry.

And finally…. NEW FRIENDS!! My dog doesn’t even stick around much, so these are my new buddies!  Giggles, is the big giraffe.  My sister bought him for me from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  He’s a great asset when in severe pain.  You can grab his horns and squeeze the hell out of them or bite him.  He makes for a good pillow, too.  The bear was sent to me by some friends from one of the games I play.  The small giraffe came from my first treatment.  Dan got him for me.  He was another huge asset during the vac changes.  I’d squeeze the crud out of him trying not to scream out in pain.  These are great friends to have.  They take all the abuse in the world and still keep smiling.

I’ll share more awesome images from inside my world…sooon.


2 thoughts on “Finally a Fun Post….

  1. Shanna says:

    I think it is wonderful that you have a blog. I love ya Kim.
    You amaze me everyday with your strength and courage. Though I know there are moments of fear, anger and such…you always seem to pull out of it and try and see the good. ♥

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