Deciding time…..

SO, I did get a skin graph done just after my birthday in June.  Because it was still healing a fourth round was ordered.   Like the last no real issues with it.  Stowed healing a bit, but it was starting to look almost ok.  Still a giant crater in my leg, but better than seeing all those muscles and stuff… ack.

Came down to a major decision time:  surgery.

My graph was still healing.  It was still considered an open wound.  SO I was sent to see Dr Kelly.  She called in an infectious disease doctor.  The argued back and fourth about having surgery or not.  You have to understand that her incision was going to be about  9 inches long.  That would put it just under the wound site.  That site, despite how well I took care of it was an open wound and had germs all over it.  There was no way to sterilize it to have the surgery.


Surgery was a no go.


Now what?  I went back to Dr Henshaw to deliver the no go news.  We were at a point chemo was not a viable option.  I practically begged Dr. Henshaw to give my leg two more weeks of healing.  It was so close to being ready!  Dr Henshaw Agreed.  September 8th I had the big surgery.


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