Cycle three…..ok you really need to do something about this…..

Cycle three:  At this point I’ve lost all my hair.  Advantages to that are not having to shave and getting to experience rain drops on a bald head.  Disadvantage is having to wear hankies on your head….in 100 degree heat.  Summer was starting.  We sent our kids to Wyoming.  We figured after the third treatment we’d get to do surgery.  The big surgery.  I’d lost about 20 pounds by now…was sick of medical professionals telling me I needed to gain weight.  Really??  I’d love to go back to my normal eating habits.  Problem…those damn sores!!


Honestly the third go round wasn’t that bad.  No ER trips.  I managed to keep the nausea under control…but it was my leg.  Finally it looked like this:

The pain was something I couldn’t describe.  I was going through more bottles of advil than cracks heads using crack.  FINALLY!  Dr Henshaw sent me back to Dr Kelly to have it looked at.  Dr Kelly brought in her plastic surgeon.  They came up with a plan, and I was going to have to have this opened up.  The scary part…this is right above a major nerve network and vein center.  It was going to be tricky, but it needed to be done.  (can I insert DUH here?)

By the time I had surgery it looked like this:

Dr. Tirre had to remove a 9mm x 9mm area from my leg.  He had to remove all soft tissues and part of my quad muscle to the bone.  It was like a volcano cone shape burn.  When I woke up I was attacked to a vacuum pack.  This kept constant suction on the area to keep blood flowing and to remove any yuk.  I was given a home nurse who would come change it out.  The first time she changed it….I wanted to just die.  I was horrified by what I saw more than anything.  I stopped taking pictures of it.  I had this massive crater in my leg.  Every other day the nurse would come and change it.  I came up to 21 days and it was decision time… should we do another round of chemo or not?


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